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Cutting Kit with 2 knives

2 knives kit

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The family Consigli has decades of experience in the production of cutlery that is in line with the tradition of Scarperia, the Tuscan village where their business is located.

The Tomaga knife collection “Consigli for Tomaga” is based on the encounter with the philosophy of this tradition. It is a line that combines technical quality and vintage design, to provide a world-class product, made entirely in Italy.

Perfect for professional and amateur chefs. The set of 2 knives is accompanied by a chamois leather knife roll, designed for comfort and strength in any situation.

High-quality knife kit, presented in a knife roll: 2 knives

Slicing (deboning) knife

Sharpening steel

Consigli for TOMAGA engraved blade

Produced and delivered in a dark brown chamois leather roll.


Slicing knife

Blade length: 16.5cm

Handle length: 12.5cm

Total length: 29cm

Weight: 135g

Knife designed for professional cooks - easy to use - high quality tempered stainless steel (ASI 420 1.4116) - excellent cutting performance - safety - ergonomic - high resistance - olive wood handle - not dishwasher safe.

Sharpening steel

Steel length: 20.5cm

Handle length: 13.5cm

Total length: 34cm

Weight: 220g

Restores the edge of your blade - round steel - very well balanced steel mesh - high quality steel - anti-corrosion protection - highly resistant surface - perfect grip - olive wood handle - not dishwasher safe.

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