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Tomaga Imperial i33

Mechanic flywheel slicer

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Taking inspiration from the “Artigiana B33" released in 1950, TOMAGA INDUSTRIES has redesigned and released this mechanical meat slicer in a stylized, vintage edition.  It is designed for demanding private and professional clientele at the upper end of the spectrum. (The model is adapted to professional standards and use).

This is a truly unique and exceptional product, made entirely by hand (237 mechanical components - 8 hours of manual assembly) in a limited edition release.

Incomparable beauty - high-quality materials and finish - compact - high slicing capacity.
Both in terms of appearance and technical attributes, the added value of this product is enormous.

The Tomaga slicer is not mass-produced. Each is individually crafted and pushes the limits of precision and execution. It is individually made to order, and is the culmination of hundreds of hours of meticulous manual work which draws from all the experience and knowledge of our craft.

  • Mechanic flywheel slicer
  • Cast iron structure (100%) resin, gives great stability in use (weight 55kg).
  • Extra-high performance concave steel blade for high-intensity use: 59/62 Rockwell with a diameter of 330.
  • Circular capacity: 235mm
  • Rectangular capacity: L 285mm x H 235mm - greater than any other machine of the same size and format.
  • Blade protection system.
  • New, advanced roller sliding tray system with a self-lubricating and self-cleaning rail.
  • Slice thickness: 0-20mm
  • Red and chrome metallic components.
  • Carved and polished wooden handles
  • Openwork flywheel decorated with fine, engraved and polished brass panels.
  • Secret "toolbox" compartment with a lubricant oil container.
  • Certified food safe: 2002/72/EEC, Reg 1935/2004/EEC, 2002/95/CE (ROHS), 2006/42/EEC
  • Integrated whetstone

    Great quality and resistance of the materials used.
    Designed, engineered and manufactured in Italy by Tomaga Industries.

    External dimensions 808 x l.592 x 616 mm
    Weight 55 kg
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