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Tomaga Collection

The Berkel slicers fascinate you but you think you do not have enough space to keep them?

 Berkel Tomaga Industries

A good compromise in terms of price and dimension, without compromising the great design, is the Tomaga collection. Authenticity and accuracy represent the "mechanic history" of Tomaga Industries and, at the same time, reflect the spirit of its founders.

By questioning the old mechanical conventions, the brand Tomaga brings the production of mechanical slicers to new levels of precision and performances never used before.

Tomaga Imperial i33 

The product range of the company is completed with a selection of "art and tool" objects, (knives, aprons, etc.), responding brilliantly to even the most challenging user needs. These items, of timeless style, are available in a limited edition.

 Tomaga kit masterchef

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